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After a year of pilot implementation, the Enterprise Program of Prince’s Trust International in Greece, implemented by Corallia, is now entering its full development phase with digital deliveries.

The Be Your Own Boss Program is offered for free to young people aged 18-35. Participants have the opportunity to attend a 4-day interactive and free Explore Enterprise Course, where through workshops they explore the practical side of starting and running a business and decide if self-employment is right for them. After the Course, participants who are interested in moving forward to the next step, receive individual guidance for up to 12 months to develop, design and test their business idea and then mature their business plan. Participants who are ready to start their own business can present their business plan to the Business Launch Group, a group of business consultants that assesses the viability of their business plan. Finally, participants who reach this stage can apply for a start-up loan and receive further business guidance.

The Programme is being offered for free all over Greece. If you live in Crete and the Dodecanese islands contact Foundit.


The Enterprise Programme in Greece aims to support young people who are aged between 18-30, unemployed or working part-time, that have a business idea and the right to register an enterprise in Greece to start their own business and “be their own bosses”.

Υou will be offered the chance to learn about the practical side of starting a business and decide whether self-employment is right for you, develop your business plan, receive dedicated mentoring, start your business and apply for a start-up loan.